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Every year many tourists come there and they can find out a lot of absorbing information about Russian art. Jen Tota McGivney is a freelance writer in Charlotte. You may give the article a title if you wish. In the late write around town magazine century, of course, the textile industry moved overseas.

In the early s, a million-dollar streetscape plan updated Main Street: Belmont has balanced this love of tradition with an ability to change. Then, the joke became reality, and up to the ceiling photos went.

Stowe Park offers eight-and-a-half tree-filled acres with a little something for everyone: Write around words. The train sounds its horn, then approaches the park. While the train speeds past, Belmont stands still. Kids return to swings, photographers review footage, and the train enthusiasts wander to the general store for sodas.

Around Towns: Belmont

Garibaldi became Belmont in Cozy up to the counter for a soup and sandwich, or skip straight to the sundaes and shakes. If you want comfort food, you come here.

Belmont is no longer a textile town—only two mills remain, and due to automation, one person can do the work that once employed hundreds. Whatever the inspiration, the following decades were good ones for Belmont.

So far, the narrative is familiar in North Carolina history. Belmont, though, is more than just the old photos. On one side are two year-old boys, and on the other are two empty chairs. Also, I could learn some information about Russia and Russian language a little.

That one photo turned into a hobby, and that hobby turned into the opening of the Millican Pictorial History Museum, dedicated to photos of Belmont and the surrounding area.

But this story has an element that most Carolina towns do not: And for the Fourth of July? After the train is gone, the hum resumes: Belmont How a tiny city along the railroad tracks became the coolest, newest old mill town around By Jen Tota McGivney The city reduced four lanes to two and used the extra space to widen sidewalks and add trees, encouraging visitors to linger.

Spend a few moments with them, and soon their hobby seems no longer curious, but inspired. The speakers play an upbeat soundtrack of classic rock—Tom Petty, The Animals, The Stones—and tables host couples, families with small children, and a group of girlfriends who are taking selfies over their brunch plates.

On a November Saturday, tables are nearly full, and diners begin to occupy the bar. One photographer tries to corral two high-energy young boys into ordered adorableness with limited success.

The two high-energy boys freeze at the sight of the train speeding by, jaws open, eyes wide. People find their family in these photos. These train enthusiasts return to this spot regularly with their chairs, their cameras, their quiet camaraderie, and settle in for an afternoon.

This seems like a curious hobby to have today, especially for a teenager. There are many other quiet places in town, including Stowe Park. It was the first cotton mill in what would become a big textiles town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

As the mills closed, the city sought new ways to attract fresh faces. Apart from that, we went to the parks and one of them is called Summer Garden.

This is when history becomes less certain. Nonetheless, the abbey was built—as well as an adjacent Benedictine college—and both still exist, known today as Belmont Abbey and Belmont Abbey College.Around Town Magazine is a local CITY GUIDE and directory that will help you live, explore, and find adventure in the Greater Seattle area whether you are a resident or just visiting.

Inside our printed and online guides you will find a collection of experts, experiences, and rewards. Around Towns: Belmont How a tiny city along the railroad tracks became the coolest, newest old mill town around. Aroundtown Magazine is a premier lifestyle magazine for South Yorkshire.

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