What are the sources of monopoly

This is solely done to acquire or maintain the monopoly power. But if we consider only the home market, i. This includes; Lobbying activities, Programs to obtain regulations, from the government.

The price calculated from the marginal cost and marginal revenue proves to be very less in the competitive market. If the market conditions are competitive, the prices of the product are usually lesser than the marginal costs.

The flexibility of the demands in the target market.


This is because of a downward slanting slope. Sometimes, it may also come from powerful customers who have sufficient bargaining strength which come from its size or its commercial significance for a dominant firm.

The supply curve is known as average expenditure curve. A customer should keep on buying till the price of the last unit is equal to the marginal expenditure of the product. The franchise enables the firm to become a monopolist, as it becomes the single producer or distributor of the commodity within its area of operation.

How come, some companies manage to get the monopoly power more than the others? The inefficiency is due to low produced quantity of products in a highly competitive market. Left to its own devices, a profit-seeking natural monopoly will produce where marginal revenue equals marginal costs.

Because, barring exceptions, every product has at least a few close substitutes. The factors considered while setting the price caps are; Variable costs, Inflation, Productivity growth.

Sources of Monopoly Power

There are two triangles in the graph representing the deadweight loss. It is proved from the graph that if the price for one unit rises, the price of all the units raises too. Regulation of prices can also be achieved by price cap process.

Sources Of Monopoly Power

So while he bought up rival companies and created a monopoly, he kept his prices low and campaigned vigorously for regulation.There are three basic sources of monopoly. The most common source is to be granted a monopoly by the government, either through patents—in which case the monopoly is temporary—or through a government franchise.

Intelsat was a government franchise that was granted a monopoly on satellite communications, a monopoly that ultimately. Sources Of Monopoly Power. Monopoly power of a firm grants the power to the company to set the price of its product or service above the marginal cost.

Microeconomics Assignment Help, Sources of monopoly power, Sources of monopoly power: The main sources of monopoly power include the following: (i) Control of the entire supply of a basic input. It only one firm has access to or controls the entire supply of the basic raw materials required in the pr.

Sources of monopoly power, Microeconomics

Sources of Monopoly Power Monopoly power is the ability to set prices above marginal cost and that the amount by which price exceeds Marginal cost depends inversely on the elasticity of demand facing the firm.

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Monopoly Power: Degree, Sources and Measures | Markets

Sources of Monopoly Power: Monopoly power of a firm, is its ability to set the price of its product above the marginal cost.

We have also seen that.

What are the sources of monopoly
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