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E-Doctors: Virtual Visits Give Patients Options

Virtual Physicians can help manage patients where physician coverage may not be available. Though the number of companies offering such services is not clear, the American Telemedicine Association estimates that as many aspatients will see a doctor via webcam this year, and that number is rising.

Will the site protect the privacy of your medical records? But not all states allow virtual doctors to write prescriptions.

Increased Census Overflow coverage Increase your census with the ability to provide additional coverage for a fluctuating census. He then assured her that the pain was normal and made several recommendations, including: Dixon and his colleagues have studied their virtual Virtual physician and learned that it shaves significant time off appointments while giving patients the same level of care as face-to-face visits.

Most telehealth companies do not provide pediatric appointments; Teladoc is one exception. Right now, most users include professionals working for companies that pay for the service, he says. That includes coldsVirtual physicianrashesdiarrheaallergiesand other problems.

Pay for only the coverage you need.

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Medicaidon the other hand, does reimburse for some telemedicine services, including virtual visits, in 46 states. In such cases, he prefers his patients come to his office, where they can both sit at his computer and talk to a remote specialist together. Other services are also offered at varying prices.

A patient who has already established a relationship with a Partners doctor answers questions on a secure web site. Decreased Turnover, Recruiting, and Locum Use Stability Add stability and reduce the need for costly locums arrangements and travel expenses.

If necessary, the doctor will encourage a video visit or a telephone call. But he says some doctors are not sold on virtual medicine. These visits are directed primarily at patients with chronic conditions, which often require frequent appointments.

And will they share them, on request, with your primary care doctor? Does the site provide all the information you need about the doctor you will see? Continued Paying for Telehealth Visits Companies often charge a set fee per virtual visit.

She chose one at nearby Massachusetts General Hospital because of the positive reviews he had received from other American Well users. At Boston-based Partners Healthcare, for example, their virtual care program primarily uses online questionnaires.

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A good experience there may motivate them to establish a relationship. Instead, she went home at the end of the day, logged onto the Internet, and paid a doctor a virtual visit. In addition, virtual visits cost less. LiveHealth Online, like other such services, is available in all but a few states.

Types of Services Patients sign up and pick an available doctor, who diagnoses their problem and prescribes treatment, if necessary.

Prompt and Effective Quality Care Allowing patients and clinical staff a physician presence Most cross coverage calls are handled over the phone sometimes while the physician is busy handling other clinical care issues or admissions.

High quality and innovative telehealth services improve access to physicians and specialists for patients, families, and clinical staff. Besides convenience, other reasons may explain the rise in e-visit demand.

Even for acute care of simple cases, such as sore throats and coldsWergin tells patients to see their primary care doctor whenever possible. Eliminate the need for costly locums agreements and travel expenses. Your insurance company may reimburse you for the cost.

Save money on recruiting and staffing turnover.

But he sees the appeal of virtual visits, especially for rural patients who may have to drive miles or more to see a specialist. Ideally, patients will have an established relationship with a primary care doctor.

Does the site explain what types of services doctors can and cannot provide? Continued What Do Doctors Think? Schedule a Free Consult. Does the site explain fees?Virtual Physicians allows patients to gain access to specialists and provides hospital systems with support for physician staffing.

This allows more time to be spent on direct patient centered care which translates into improved. Oct 10,  · At Boston-based Partners Healthcare, for example, their virtual care program primarily uses online questionnaires.

A patient who has already established a relationship with a Partners doctor. Using video for virtual visits in healthcare is a little more complicated -- the connection has to be reliable and the service HIPAA compliant to protect patient medical information -- but nonetheless virtual visits are gaining popularity as a new way to deliver healthcare.

2, Virtual Physician jobs available on Apply to Agent, Analyst, Coding Specialist and more! The Virtual Doctors is a UK charity using telemedicine technology to save lives in rural Zambia.

Virtua's Physician Exchange Portal provides an online resource for physicians to access lab results, diagnostic reports and medication lists.

Virtual physician
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