Understanding the context of supporting individuals

Be clear about what you want to say and why.

These people are the collective voice of the individuals and as groups are able to put forward and campaign for the learning difficulties individuals rights, if they are not being met and also put forward.

Many people still label people with learning disabilities, which had led to a negative attitude towards them.

The social model has been developed with the aim of removing barriers so that disabled people have the same opportunity as everyone else to determine their own life styles. They have the right to use contraception or not. It can help the individual and others to focus on their abilities rather than weakness.

A simple example is that of a wheelchair user who had a mobility impairment. An adult with learning disabilities may have the same interest and feelings as any other person of the same age. Control resides firmly with professionals: This move has also impacted on changes in the law regards anti-discrimination legislation and equal rights.

Understand The Context Of Supporting Individuals Essay Sample

If you spoke to an adult like a child, this can be very patronising and degrading for the individuals. Be sure the information is relevant. Group Advocacy — Where people come together to represent shared interests or goals and works by offering mutual support, skill development and a common call for change with the intention of developing or changing services.

Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities

Peer advocacy — Peer advocacy is when one person talks for another who has experienced or is experiencing similar difficulties or has similar life experiences e. The theory emphasises the unique value of the individual their right to choice and opportunity and the right to any extra support they need to fulfil their potential.

Give them time to respond and ask questions. Self-advocacy is about expressing your own needs and concerns and giving your own views.

Give examples of causes of learning disabilities There is often no known cause of learning disabilities where a cause can be identified it falls into the following categories: The relationship is normally time limited but may last for several months.

The Social model takes account of disabled people as part of our economic, environmental and cultural society. This will help them achieve goals and aspirations, maximising their quality of life. In the early 20th century the building of institutions continued but the purpose moving people to institutions changed.

To aid understanding with regards times, it is better to describe it in terms of events rather a time on the clock for example 8. If you still felt the situation had not improved you should take the matter further, even as far as the CQC depending on the severity of the issue.

Parenting a child is never easy but a strong relationship is required to withstand the additional stress of raising a child with special needs. The best way to ensure understanding is to keep communications simple and jargon free.

Accessibility options

It involves the lack or denial of resources, rights, goods and services, and the inability to participate in the normal relationships and activities, available to the majority or people in a society, whether in economic, social, cultural or political arenas.

The key strategies included: These purpose-built institutions were to house people described as mad or feeble minded. They soon became overcowarded and a harsh place to live where the inmates had little choice and were not valued as people.

This person may not know their rights, be vulnerable and maybe at risk of being mistreated or excluded. Barriers still exist in education, information and communication systems, working environments, health and social support services, transport, housing, public buildings and amenities.UNIT UNDERSTAND THE CONTEXT OF SUPPORTING INDIVIDUALS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES.

OUTCOME 1: Legislation and policies designed to promote human rights, inclusion, equal life chances and citizenship of individuals with learning disabilities are mainly the Human Rights Act along with the Disability Discrimination /5(1). Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities; Support person-centred thinking and planning; Purpose and principles of independent advocacy; Support individuals in their relationships; Enable individuals with behavioural difficulties to develop strategies to change their behaviour.

Unit Understanding the Context of Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities. Unit reference number: Y// Level: 2. Unit type: Optional. Credit value: 4. Guided learning hours: Unit summary.

This unit explore the meaning of learning disability and considers issues closely linked with learning disability support. The Learning Disability Awareness course aims to build on your understanding of what it means to have a learning disability and how you can support individuals with a learning disability.

The course is suitable for staff working in a variety of settings. It will be useful whether you are employed in a health or social care, a community or an education. Understand the basic principles and practice of advocacy, empowerment and active participation in relation to supporting individuals with learning disabilities and their families.

Explain the meaning of the term ‘social inclusion’ Social exclusion is a complex and multi-dimensional process.

Understand The Context Of Supporting Individuals With Learning Disabilities Words | 6 Pages Understand the legislation and policies that support the human rights and inclusion of individuals with learning disabilities.

Understanding the context of supporting individuals
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