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Clemenceau was an old man who had seen France invaded by Germany twice in and in But he Big Four had different aims. French leader Clemenceau wanted to punish Germany by crippling them economically, territorially and militarily. Much of the war had been fought on French soil, so Clemenceau wanted to control German factories.

This was the only form of pro treaty signing cartoon found within this project. Bythe Germans had Treaty of versailles research paper behind in their reparation payments. The nation was quickly changing its attitudes from non-interventionists, into activists and participants, evolving into adamant isolationists and the cartoons of the time reflected this mood and attitude of America.

Clemenceau also wanted to protect secret treaties and impose naval blockades around Germany, so that France could control trade imported to and exported goods from the defeated country. Americans were given the negatives about the Treaty and the League of Nations but not the positives. Wilson also had the hope that lenient treatment of Germany would prevent them from starting another war out of bitterness.

The Treaty created much resentment against the Allies because of the poor economic conditions that arose from not only the war, but the US Great Depression.

Who should be blamed for the war? The Versailles Treaty would be the basis of all other treaties with other nations and without knowing all aspects, the Senate was reluctant to revisit the ratification of the peace treaty. He wanted to build a better, and safer world out of war.

All overseas colonies were removed from German control as well. The footage then shows the German delegates entering from a darken hallway, making their way to the Hall of Mirrors. Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France. This film never shows any of the German delegation interacting with the other delegates.

Due to the camera angle shadows are effectively used making the Germans appear as an ominous presence. Clemenceau represented the interests and the opinion of the French population. For Wilson it was all or nothing. In conclusion, the American public never came to accept the Treaty of Versailles as long as it was attached to the creation of the League of Nations.

The Allies seized control of the German merchant ships and railway to prevent Germans from being self-reliant. Irish and German Americans, which comprised a large percentage of the Democratic Party, were adamantly opposed to the Treaty of Versailles and President Wilson for considering it.

Clemenceau was the most radical member of the Big Four, and received the nickname "Le Tigre". It shows the Allied delegates arriving in their impressive cars, driving up to the main entrance of the palace on a beautiful day. He refused to accept the watered-down version of the League Covenant insisted upon by the isolationist faction of the Senate.

He also wanted to help Germany economically in order to make them stronger, so they could become strong trading partners with Britain.

Treaty of Versailles Reparations Paper

Consequently, compromises were necessary. Wilson sold this idea to Europe; he forgot, however, to sell this idea to the American people. Woodrow Wilson was an armchair statesman hindered by his cold and impersonal personality.

Britain PM Lloyd George privately claimed harsh treatment of Germany would raise problems later, but publicly he proclaimed they would pay. Unfortunately, the drear economic conditions spawned two extremist political movements that promised to end the economic conditions.

However, this was not sufficient to convince the American people to support the ratification of the Treaty of Versailles.

He wanted to leave Germans with enough resources to trade, but not start another war. How did Germany react to the Treaty?

The Treaty of Versailles : A Success?

Beyond relating the news of the day, obits, social gatherings, and editorials, newspapers printed cartoons. When the Treaty of Versailles was signed, there were many changes in Europe see maps below.

Whereas the other thirty two nations involved in the Peace Conference are seen in pure daylight, working arduously toward the completion of the Treaty which was concluded on June 28, The Republicans placed amendments and reservations on the Treaty infuriating President Wilson.

Because Italy lostmen and 12, LiraPounds Sterling during the war, so they thought they deserved it. She demanded the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France taken by Germany inbut also the demilitarisation of the Rhieneland.Using new published and archival evidence author analyses two tendencies which contradicted this interpretation: “soft” revisionism supported by some circles at Quai.

Italy joined the allies in after the Treaty of London. In the Versailles Conference, Italy was represented by Orlando.

Treaty of Versailles

In the Treaty of London, the allies promised Italy Trentino and the Tyrol as far as Brenner, Trieste and Istria, all the Dalmatian coast except Fiume, full ownership of Albanian Vallona and a protectorate over Albania, Aladia in.

Treaty of Versailles The treaty of Versailles was established and implemented following the First World War, which had persisted between Germany and the allied powers.

Research asserts that the war affected many countries in the world including the European countries, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty that officially ended WWI. It was negotiated at the Paris Peace Conference throughout the spring of It was negotiated at the Paris Peace Conference throughout the spring of /5(1).

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