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He served as the United States consul to Santo Domingo and wrote about social issues, Theodore weld information the history of abolitionism and slavery.

In her late twenties, Sarah visited some Quaker friends in Philadelphia. Garrison was chided for seeking to make the church a place of "doubtful disputation" by instigating abolition agents to make speeches in churches where abolition sentiments were unwelcome, and for undermining the deference due the pastoral office.

Frederick moved to Chillicothe, Ohio, became a judge on the Ohio Supreme Court, and wrote on many topics pertaining to political science and philosophy. The anniversary exercises in the morning passed off without incident, although the surcharged atmosphere betokened storms in the afternoon.

Garrison was ill-advised, he thought, to make himself a spokesman for every lofty cause that came along.

Most leaders of the movement Theodore weld information he should not; but that inevitably raised the corollary question of what to do when no abolition candidate was in the field.

Offers advice about the dangers of professional rivals, citing Dr. He began to view slavery as a sin against God. Oxford University Press, The national executive committee was fearful of the outcome, and about three weeks before the convention it transferred ownership of the Emancipator to the New York City society, alleging lack of funds to finance it any longer.

In addition, he recruited and taught other talented speakers to spread the antislavery message in other areas across the country. Still there was as yet no movement to put forward independent abolition candidates. He hoped to find his staunchest allies in ministers and church members, and, when he was unable to shatter their indifference, he turned a critical eye on their theology.

The Garrisoninn contingent had "come on in a body," declared the Emancipator, "not to meet their brethren from other sections, and take counsel and reason together, and act by the common voice, but by the force of numbers to take possession of the National Society to subject it to their own particular policy and particularly to displace the late Executive Committee.

With a mind eager for new ideas, Garrison was surprisingly naive, and fell an easy prey to fads and foibles.

Theodore D. Weld

In his bitterest diatribes never so much as a comma or quotation mark was misplaced, and when pressed for time he could set his editorials in type without writing them out at all. The moral appeal had roused large segments of the Northern people; but many abolitionists insisted that moral precepts could only be made effective at the ballot box.

Hearkening to the din of battle coming out of Massachusetts, he despaired. Asking for his assistance in stopping Sarah from writing a book about Theodore D. Her influence must work in subtle ways. He had no prejudice against women. Douglass, Jane Smith, Julia A. The couple, who by this time were wealthy slave-owners in Charleston, had fourteen children, three of whom died in infancy and early childhood.

When they went to church, he hung back until someone else had offered to take her home. Weld, and 17 elegant hand-cut valentines. However, Weld and other "Lane rebels" left in to train agents for the new national American Antislavery Society.

En route, he made public addresses. Inthough, Weld experienced a religious awakening under the guidance of evangelist Charles G. When Sarah was quite young her father assigned her a slave girl as a handmaid, and Sarah was anguished when the little creature died soon afterward.

Weld family

As a result, Theodore sometimes resorted to practical jokes or wild pranks to get attention. Offers vivid descriptions of the Capitol building, the Senate and House chambers, and the U. Indeed, there seemed to be little affection between members of the family, save the mutual love of Sarah and Angelina and a reciprocal devotion between them and their brother Thomas.Theodore Dwight Weld was a prominent nineteenth century American reformer and educator.

Weld was born on November 23,in Hampton, Connecticut. Inhe enrolled in the Phillips Andover Academy, but he had to withdraw due to health problems. THEODORE WELD: CRUSADER FOR FREEDOM. by. BENJAMIN P. THOMAS.

Theodore Dwight Weld

POLITICS OR MORAL SUASION. While Weld strove to put his rundown farm into production, momentous events were shaping up in abolitionism. Charles Weld's wife Anna Harvell Weld sent approximately 50 letters between andand was a main source of news for Sarah Hamilton regarding the well-being of Sarah's father, Theodore Dwight Weld, and brother, Theodore G.

Weld. Theodore Dwight Weld: Theodore Dwight Weld, American antislavery crusader in the pre-Civil War period. While a ministerial student at Lane Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, Weld participated in antislavery debates and led a group of students who withdrew from Lane to enroll at Oberlin (Ohio) College.

Weld left his studies in. Theodore Dwight Weld () was an American reformer, preacher, and editor. He was one of the most-influential leaders in the early phases of the antislavery movement.

Theodore Weld was born in Hampton, Conn., on Nov.

Theodore Weld

23,the son of a Congregational minister. Theodore Weld- Born November 23,in Hampton Conn, while at the age 14 he would inherit a acre farm from his father, he grew up to be a leading architect for the American abolitionist movement, American Abolitionist .

Theodore weld information
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