Osu undergraduate thesis

A cumulative GPA of at least a 3. Policy information and the request form can be found at the Knowledge Bank Center. The committee members must be involved in the thesis process from proposal through the completion of the oral defense.

Click on "OSU Login". The Knowledge Bank staff will receive your request via this form and they will authorize you. Students who complete a non-honors thesis or project by completing the above will graduate with research distinction [in the discipline] for example, with research distinction in Hospitality Management.

Microsoft Word documents will not be accepted. Login to the Knowledge Bank to auto-register. Senior year Participate in the EHE Research Forum and Denman Forum on Undergraduate Research Senior year Arrange for your Oral Defense of your thesis By the middle of the last semester of research Submit prepared thesis to your committee one week prior to the oral defense If you would like to delay dissemination of your thesis in the Knowledge Bank, you must request an embargo from the Honors and Scholars Center.

Once authorized, when you click on "start another submission" after logging in you will see the name of your group in the collection dropdown on the "Select a collection" screen.

This form will not automatically authorize you. Knowledge Bank staff will send you an e-mail when you have been authorized. You will not be able to select a collection to submit to until you are authorized to submit to the appropriate collection see step 2 below.

Form must be completed at time of defense Complete successful oral defense of your thesis; complete Notification of Oral Defense Form and submit it to advising office No later than 2 weeks prior to graduation Make edits as directed by committee; Upload finalized copy of thesis to the University Knowledgebank By the week of commencement.

Before you are authorized this collection will not be available. They will authorize you to submit your thesis to the appropriate collection. Submit your thesis to the Knowledge Bank.

Non-Honors Thesis

Fill out the web form below and click on [Submit] to inform the Knowledge Bank staff that you have registered. Whether or not you request a delay, you must complete steps to electronically submit your thesis.

Spaces and special characters — such as [], ,! Name Please select the type of thesis you will be submitting: Honors students graduate with honors research distinction [in the discipline]. Examples of properly named PDFs include: If you would like to delay dissemination of your thesis in the Knowledge Bank, you must Osu undergraduate thesis an embargo from the Honors and Scholars Center.

Sign in with your OSU account lastname. You can do steps 1 and 2 any time during the semester that you intend to submit your thesis to the Knowledge Bank.

Back to top Non-Honors Thesis In Februarythe University Board of Trustees approved a non-honors thesis option for students who want to complete an undergraduate thesis but did not meet the other requirements of the Honors program.Ohio State is one of the largest universities in the nation.

It's also home to a diverse group of the best and brightest people in the world: dedicated faculty, passionate students, and innovative researchers who make Ohio State one of the world's truly great universities.

The Honors Thesis is independent research conducted by the student and supervised by a psychology faculty member (only tenured or tenure-track faculty may advise an Honors Thesis).

The Psychology Department requires completion of a two-course sequence (Psychology H and H). The Ohio State University develops and supports an environment that promotes the intellectual and personal development of high-ability undergraduate students.

Undergraduate students submit their research theses and honors research theses to the Knowledge Bank. If you have questions or problems.

Undergraduate Thesis Research The Department of History encourages eligible students to undertake an undergraduate thesis which, if successfully defended, earns the student the Research Distinction designation. The research thesis option provides undergraduates with a unique opportunity to engage in a full-scale research project with the guidance of a faculty member that will result in the production of a thesis.

The benefits of participating. Getting Involved in Research. One of the great advantages of attending a top research university like Ohio State is that opportunities abound for undergraduate students to participate in research. Whether you work in a psychology lab for just one semester or spend a year and a half researching and writing an honors thesis on modern .

Osu undergraduate thesis
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