Napoleon bonapartes 1799 conspiracy against the government and seizing of power

Under the terms of Amiens, however, Napoleon agreed to appease British demands by not abolishing slavery in any colonies where the decree had never been implemented. Napoleon became "first consul" for ten years, with two consuls appointed by him who had consultative voices only.

He faced a difficult financial situation and reduced career prospects. He also authorized the French to loot treasures such as the Horses of Saint Mark. Augustin Robespierre and Saliceti were ready to listen to the freshly promoted artillery general.

He is fairly well acquainted with history and geography He was promoted to captain in the regular army in Julydespite exceeding his leave of absence and leading a riot against French troops.

Bonaparte was promoted to Commander of the Interior and given command of the Army of Italy. The constitution was approved in a rigged plebiscite held the following January, with During the Revolution, the National Convention voted to abolish slavery in February This boy would make an excellent sailor".

Grand Master Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim surrendered after token resistance, and Bonaparte captured an important naval base with the loss of only three men.

His Egyptian expedition included a group of scientists, with mathematicians, naturalists, chemists, and geodesists among them. Bonaparte led these 13, French soldiers in the conquest of the coastal towns of ArishGazaJaffaand Haifa.

Napoleon was baptised as a Catholic. To speed up the retreat, Bonaparte ordered plague-stricken men to be poisoned with opium; the number who died remains disputed, ranging from a low of 30 to a high of He failed to reduce the fortress of Acreso he marched his army back to Egypt in May.

After spending several days looking for each other, the two armies collided at the Battle of Marengo on 14 June. Posing the hand inside the waistcoat was often used in portraits of rulers to indicate calm and stable leadership.

Late in the afternoon, a full division under Desaix arrived on the field and reversed the tide of the battle.

A series of artillery barrages and cavalry charges decimated the Austrian army, which fled over the Bormida River back to Alessandrialeaving behind 14, casualties. He founded two newspapers: He also brought out 1, wounded men. Bonaparte discovered that many of the defenders were former prisoners of war, ostensibly on paroleso he ordered the garrison and 1, prisoners to be executed by bayonet or drowning to save bullets.

The brief peace in Europe allowed Napoleon to focus on the French colonies abroad. He immediately went on the offensive, hoping to defeat the forces of Piedmont before their Austrian allies could intervene.

General Melas had a numerical advantage, fielding about 30, Austrian soldiers while Napoleon commanded 24, French troops. A boy and girl were born first but died in infancy. The nationalist Corsican leader Pasquale Paoli ; portrait by Richard CoswayNapoleon was born the same year the Republic of Genoaa former commune of Italy[17] transferred Corsica to France.

The couple married on 9 March in a civil ceremony. He stated later in life: As negotiations became increasingly fractious, Bonaparte gave orders to his general Moreau to strike Austria once more. The resulting Law of 20 May never applied to colonies like Guadeloupe or Guyaneeven though rogue generals and other officials used the pretext of peace as an opportunity to reinstate slavery in some of these places.

At Rivoli, the Austrians lost up to 14, men while the French lost about 5, He was a supporter of the republican Jacobin movement, organising clubs in Corsica, [37] and was given command over a battalion of volunteers. Amiens called for the withdrawal of British troops from recently conquered colonial territories as well as for assurances to curtail the expansionary goals of the French Republic.

Twenty-nine French [73] and approximately 2, Egyptians were killed. The victory boosted the morale of the French army. He also took part in an expedition to take back Corsica from the British, but the French were repulsed by the British Royal Navy.The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries by Jacques-Louis David,

Napoleon bonapartes 1799 conspiracy against the government and seizing of power
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