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Learn powerful breathing exercises and how to combine them with short "mini-meditations" that can be easily integrated into a busy schedule. This practice helps to accelerate spiritual transformation and communion. Move from lack and limitation to a sense of abundance; from feeling separate and inferior to belonging and wholeness; from a compulsive striving to a loving detachment that brings inspiration, empowerment, and freedom.

Matters of the mind view our calendar for course schedules and registration, or contact us. Our body has within it seven energy centers that bridge the physical, emotional, and spiritual systems. The Finding Stillness CD: This minute audio workshop guides you step-by-step as you learn the classic technique "Relaxation Response.

While other forms of meditation help eliminate existing stress, mindfulness cultivates insight to outgrow perceptions of fear and attachment that cause stress.

Learn Meditation in private one-on-one instruction with dates and times arranged at your convenience. It softens and opens the heart to create a wonderful connection with ourselves and others, and a deep sense of belonging in the world.

Eat with Peace, Pleasure, and Purpose Do you eat too much, too often and too fast?

By observing pain, relaxing into it, and opening up to it, we can learn to stop judging, resisting, and reacting. Quantum physics tells us that everything is made of energy and that our minds influence what form the energy takes.

Our Services We offer a variety of therapeutic services for all ages on an individual, couple, family and group basis. Most insurances are accepted, and we have a full-time office staff of health insurance claims personnel to handle and verify your insurance; as well as submit claims to your insurance for simple and easy access to the highest level of clinical counseling and therapy in the Las Vegas valley area.


Our classes are small, friendly, and informal. Patients suffering everything from AIDS to cancer to work stress are learning to harness the power of their minds to overcome physical suffering.

Mindfulness is being aware in the present moment without automatic reactions and negative self-judgment. Making Peace with Pain Learn to relieve pain using proven, cost-effective techniques. Learn classic techniques that combine to reduce accumulated stress "Relaxation Response" and the perceptions that cause stress "Mindfulness".

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Explore the many benefits of meditation - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. Learn which centers serve the ego fearand which serve the higher self love. Instead of habitual responses that defend or attack, your words can become conscious responses based on what you are Observing, Feeling, Needing and Requesting.

Learn to recognize ego consciousness and the many clever ways it sabotages lasting peace and fulfillment. Sessions are designed to give you time for practice and review, and they provide the tools, confidence and inspiration to enjoy a successful meditation practice.

Classes are available in group or private sessions. Learn the principles and physiological influences of the chakra system, and how they correlate with the stages of childhood and the seven centers of consciousness.

As you become wiser about how your mind and body experience food, your choices also become wiser. Learn practical aspects such as when and where to meditate, optimum posture, and how to overcome common difficulties like finding time, mental chatter, judgement, sleepiness, and restlessness.Sep 19,  · It's another "Pop In" just to keep you informed of what's coming up on Matters of the Mind.

Dr. Diane Dimon is director of Matters of the Mind, a California-based company that teaches meditation and other mind-body techniques for health, happiness, and high performance.

These research-based skills not only counter stress, but they outgrow thinking patterns that cause stress, anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia, and other Location: Fresno,CA. Matters of the Mind, Behavioral Health & Life Enhancement Agency, is a leading mental health practice in Nevada and home to a team of.

34 rows · Hosted by Dr. Jay Fawver, Matters of the Mind airs Mondays at pm. This program offers viewers the chance to interact with one of this area’s most respected mental health experts.

This program offers viewers the chance to interact with one of this area’s most respected mental health experts. matters of the mind llc Community/Behavioral Health A private or public agency usually under local government jurisdiction, responsible for assuring the delivery of community based mental health, mental retardation, substance abuse and/or behavioral health services to individuals with those disabilities.1/5(1).

Matters of the Mind - Meditation for Modern Living, Dr. Diane Dimon.

Matters of the mind
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