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Historical Theology is also the study of the manifold work of the Holy Spirit. What is Historical Theology? Choosing the question Choose a topic that interests you, but look carefully at the question Avoid a topic that is a contemporary church controversy where possible Consider what others are doing 6.

The challenge for all Christians and for all students of theology is to not force our theological system on the Bible but to always make sure that our Historical theology essay comes from the Scripture and not from some system that might be popular. How to Historical theology essay your opponents Treat your opponents with respect Avoid cheap shots and caricature Historical theology, when correctly understood and applied, does not diminish the authority or sufficiency of Scripture.

Like any area of theology, historical theology is also sometimes used by liberal scholars and non-Christians to cast doubt upon or attack the essential doctrines of the Christian faith as simply being the concoctions of men instead of the divinely revealed biblical truth that they really are.

Historical theology is an important aspect of studying theology, but, like any other method of study, it is not without its dangers and pitfalls. An acceptable working definition might be "the genetic study of Christian faith and doctrine" Pelikan xiii.

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It would be difficult, if not impossible, to understand church history without also understanding the history of doctrine that often led to different divisions and movements within church history.

Continuity of faith, of spiritual gift, and of evangelical tradition from the primitive Church to the present is often asserted, despite recognition that considerable change has taken place through the centuries Lumen gentium 9, 21, 23, 33, 39, 50, 51; Perfectae caritatis 1, 9; Apostolicam actuositatem 8; Ad gentes 5.

The study of historical theology will protect the student from dangerous theological paths, for no doctrine of the Word has come down to us untouched.

The current open promotion of fear of other faith groups in Germany and the contrary view of the West in contemporary Muslim viewpoints is openly reminiscent of the biblical motif of Gog and Magog as threatening foreign nations and thus lends this motif an almost political significance.

Dialogue with Bultmann Philadelphia 22— Thus there is considerable effort in the documents of the Council to break away from a style of historical thinking which would see the Church as immune to process or change, as if it moved through history unaffected by history.

Perhaps some basic definitions will help. The responsibility of theology Theology is answerable to God and must be done with prayerful reverence Theology is best done in service to God and his people 5. As Christians we should strive to profit from all the gifts graciously bestowed on the entire body of Christ.

What is historical theology? Am I being asked to find a cause or a purpose, or trace a connection, or describe something? For Gerhard Ebeling, these are two aspects of the same hermeneutic task of theology: History of Dogma "is the history of those particular doctrinal themes that have received normative definition from the church" ibid.

For some, the subject matter is what the Church has believed, taught, and confessed on the basis of the Word of God. By them we assert what we believe and how our beliefs distinguish us from those who we regard as being in error.

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Historical theology is primarily concerned to determine the traditum: On their view, "the history of Christian thought would also include thinkers who were only marginally related to the church, and subsequently may have actually been disenfranchised by the church, such as Faustus Socinus" 3.Thinking with the Church: Essays in Historical Theology [B.

A. Gerrish] on killarney10mile.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thinking with the Church offers twelve meaty essays from a renowned historian, theologian. Historical Theology is also the study of the manifold work of the Holy Spirit.

There are two primary ways in which this is true: · To deny the validity and value of historical theology is to deny the ongoing process of divine illumination.

Historical Theology, then, is used both as a pedagogic tool (for systematic theology) and as a critical tool (highlighting various important topics through history as key elements of the Christian faith). Thinking with the Church: Essays in Historical Theology - Kindle edition by B.


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Gerrish. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Thinking with the Church: Essays in Historical Theology.

Historical theology as a scholarly discipline is difficult to define. An acceptable working definition might be "the genetic study of Christian faith and doctrine" (Pelikan xiii). But such study has been differently designated in recent centuries, with varying content and consequent confusion.


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Young people in general and young ministers in particular will find it to be a helpful and penetrating essay.

Further, as it was written when Henry was 86 years old (four years before his death), it also provides a remarkable reflection upon a life well lived for the evangel and for evangelicalism.

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