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A young boy stands before him, armed with nothing but a sword and a hope that killing this beast will save the woman he loves. As an avid gamer myself, I am aware of the attempts of games such as Shadow of the Colossus to elevate the medium of gaming.

While Tale of Tales acknowledged that old media featuring one-way communication was not enough, and that two-way communication via computers offers the way forward for art, the studio argued that such communication today is being held hostage by the video game industry.

Read it after the jump. Samyn identified an industry emphasis on gameplay mechanics as directly responsible for the marginalization of artistic narrative in games and he described modern video games as little more than digital sport.

In the end, if that is not art, what is? Can they express complex ideas? This meeting of the art game movement and the indie game movement is important according to Professor Pearce, insofar as it brings art games to more eyes and allows for greater potential to explore in indie games.

Such an option, according to Ebert, would weaken the artistic expression of the original work. The Smithsonian American Art Museum held an exhibit inentitled " The Art of Video Games ", which was designed to demonstrate the artistic nature of video games, including the impact of older works and the subsequent influence of video games on creative culture.

There are only four main characters and only one of them is explicitly named: The game forces the player to re-examine what he is doing: The player begins to realize that the music that plays as a colossus slowly dies is not triumphant at all, but almost funerial in tone.

But despite these entries of lesser artistic value, the fact remains that video games have an inherent ability to function as art.

There is just as much, if not more, fun to be had in getting out and about and being active. In a piece entitled "Sorry Moma but games are not art" he claimed that games could never qualify as artistic expression because their very interactivity meant that the creator was unable to claim an authorial vision.

I chose the question of video games as art. Santiago might cite a [ sic ] immersive game without points or rules, but I would say then it ceases to be a game and becomes a representation of a story, a novel, a play, dance, a film.

Are video games art: the debate that shouldn't be

In Germany, prior to Augustthe Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle USK software ratings body enforced Strafgesetzbuch German code section 86a as outlined by the German government, which banned the sale of games that contained imagery of extremist groups such as Nazis; while Section 86a allowed for use of these images in artistic and scientific works, video games were not seen to fall within an artistic use.

Somehow, this issue is still being analysed and debated — mostly by those outside of the industry, who have little clue about games.Persuasive Essay: Video Games Teenagers today often spend a great deal of time playing video games.

These games are fun and engaging and young people often feel like playing games is a great thing to do in their spare time.

Free Essay: Video Games - The Forgotten Art Ask any major in the fine arts for the definition of art.

Persuasive Essay: Video Games

They're likely to tell you that it is self-expression. The ability for participants to ally themselves with the art form to create aesthetic experiences is unique to video games, and as such, the interactivity of video games is a clear indication of.

I believe that video games will prove to be one of the most important mediums of art that humanity has ever had at its disposal.

Video games as an art form

Technology has expanded the canvas upon which artists are able to. Video Games: A New Experience? - Inthe famous video game Pong was released and quickly became the first popular arcade game.

A simple game based on ping-pong with archaic graphic design and controls. The concept of video games as a form of art is a controversial topic within the entertainment industry. Essay arguing that the future of art lies in high-dimensional media such as video games.

Essay video games art
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