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Since there is no other test in all of medicine that can determine these causes and all the malfunctioning internal organs except for bio-resonance testing, that is exactly what I do and teach.

His general health was just as bad, as he was quite lethargic and anorexic. This is logical too, since, according to the well-established conventional medical knowledge, skin, as any organ, is also a part of the gigantic interconnected and interdependent network of all the internal organs and tissues.

The parents, and particularly the mother, were advised to have several more FCT sessions, in order to assure better health for their future child. Savely Yurkovsky, MD, a pediatrician, internist, and cardiologist, has evolved a novel medical model that interfaces important knowledge from biology, medicine, toxicology, and physics.

Perhaps, besides conventional dermatological idiocies, these may also address even bigger ones, that "homeopathy is nothing other than over-diluted placebos," and the notorious "snake oil. Search our pre archives for further information. However, for humanitarian reasons, I feel that the degree of the immersion should be moderated….

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Yurkovsky maintains a private practice with a cause-based approach to diseases, covering these from pediatrics to geriatrics, located in Chappaqua, New York Consult your doctor before using any of the treatments found within this site.

In addition, medical research has also established that connective tissue, a vast detoxifying and regulatory spider web of the body, connects skin with the DNA and other vital compartments of cells.

While all these effects are deemed to be due to purely chemical side effects of drugs, no attention is paid to another powerful mechanism: M to my professional titles, by Mr.

As logical as it may sound that autoimmune diseases, such as vitiligo, in this case, are all due to bad genes, this speculation did not hold much weight in this case, either. Case 5 But if there are still any doubters left out there about whether these children, including a day-old infant, all fell for some black magic spell of a placebo effect, I was advised, years ago, to add D.

Following the specific data collected, homeopathic-energetic remedies go to work in order to stimulate the release of primary causes of malfunctions of both internal organs and skin mercury, lead, and other environmental pollutants, infectious agents such as HPV, candidiasis, parasites, molds, bacteria as well as promoting the repair of the sick organs and skin.

Managing Skin Problems in a Healthier Way Short of intense symptoms, such as severe itch, burning or pain, which cause significant discomfort, all skin problems must take the back seat in favor of treatment of the exact causes of malfunctions of the internal organs and tissues first.

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Its primary focus is on the most important aspect of chronic diseases — its causes — along with the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic means to address these.

There is an emergence of even more aggressive mutated original infections, a whole slew of vicious Case 5 0418 infections and, overall, damaged health. As a side bonus, his severe, formally diagnosed PANDAS, with hundreds of tics a day, headaches, fatigue, depression, and fears for years, has been completely healed too.

Today, the sickest and weakest populations are afflicted with a slew of incurable chronic diseases, starting from early childhood.

Not to lose out, for this author, on other potential friendships…the result of the blood baths by the "penicillin mode" treatments of chronic Lyme, Strep, PANDAS, acne, Staphylococcal and other chronic infections, many of which present skin lesions, speak for themselves too.

Among these are, environmental pollutants, infectious agents, and toxic metabolic products, which the internal organs must reduce in order to stay alive.

To mention a few, the gut that does not properly digest and absorb nutrients and spills its toxins into the bloodstream, infected and poisoned lymphatics and capillaries, kidneys and liver that are poisoned and unable to properly excrete and detoxify, malfunctioning thyroid, and other organs in charge of handling and supplying healthy fat, nutrients, and oxygen to the skin, all leave it no chance to look healthy.

Cases in the sidebar are a few concrete examples, enacting one of those unofficial laws of nature, where a picture is worth a thousand words.

Yurkovsky has been nominated for the prestigious Bravewell Leadership Award for "significant contributions to the field of medicine" and "compelling vision for the future of medicine," in As a reminder, the science of epigenetics also lists environmental pollutants as triggering autoimmune processes in the absence of autoimmune genes.

By the time of his office visit, the boy, of just 14 days old, has already failed on the treatments of his pediatrician and a dermatologist, consisting of cortisone and antifungal and antibiotic ointments, prescribed for his entire body that was covered in a monstrous-looking rash.

A case of ringworm in an eight-year-old girl disappeared promptly after a remedy prepared off its cause, ringworm, was administered. Older issues of the printed magazine are also indexed for your convenience. Among the endless variety of cortisone and penicillin modes are any anti-agents: The good citizen, Bumpy, was suffering from a mysterious condition diagnosed by his DVM as either allergic, neurologic, or psychiatric, or who knows, due to Bumpy pulling out his hair in bunches, making himself look like a moving chessboard.collagen over which cells can migrate.5 CellerateRx®/ CRXα® Surgical Activated Collagen® Powder is composed of Type 1 hydrolyzed or Activated Collagen®, providing the ideal environment for surgical wound healing.

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Case #5 But if there are still any doubters left out there about whether these children, including a day-old infant, all fell for some black magic spell of a placebo effect, I was advised, years ago, to add D.V.M to my professional titles, by Mr.

and Mrs. C, following the FCT cure of their beloved cat, Bumpy, from a severe skin disease.

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