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Customers and suppliers are interested in the financial strength of a company, as well as initiatives it may have taken to improve product quality and customer service. Analysts Research analysts use quarterly and annual reports to analyze companies and industry sectors.

In addition to publishing these reports on their websites and mailing them to investors, publicly traded companies file additional details on Form K with the U. They also ask management questions during quarterly webcasts or at investor conferences. The business press is a key audience because media coverage can affect how investors and other stakeholders perceive a company.

By analyzing the financial results and forecasts of several companies in an industry, research analysts are uniquely positioned to assess the long-term prospects of individual companies and general industry trends. Management can highlight new projects and cost-saving initiatives in annual reports, which could motivate employees involved in those efforts.


These reports may help employees in large companies learn about the various operating divisions and product lines. Companies usually provide results of at least two years, allowing readers to assess revenue and profit trends.

Private small businesses that are not registered with the SEC do not have to file these reports, but some do anyway to generate investor and media interest. Investors can review the management discussion and analysis section to get a descriptive analysis of recent financial performance and risk factors, such as the inability to raise sufficient funds for research and development.

Employees Annual reports inform and motivate employees, who may also be some of the owners of a private small business or a public company.


Others Customers, suppliers and the media are other users of annual reports. In particular, start-up companies publish annual reports as part of their promotional packages to generate investor interest in advance of market listings.

Regulators use the information for checking compliance and maintaining EDGAR, which is an online database that investors can use for researching public companies. Regulators Companies trading on U.1.

readership (n.) the audience reached by written communications (books or magazines or newspapers etc.). Business Report is South Africa’s most widely read financial newspaper.

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Because it appears in four of the Independent Group's daily titles and three of its weekend titles, it has an unrivalled national footprint and its readers are drawn from the business communities of South Africa’s four major economic hubs, Cape Town, Durban.

Synonyms of 'readership' noun. audience Dictionary, circulation Its readership has grown to over 15, audience. Thesaurus for readership from the Collins English Thesaurus.

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Who Is the Target Audience for an Annual Report Filed With the SEC?

The readership of a book, newspaper, or magazine is the number or type of people who read it. Despite all the sturm und drang in the newspaper business, results from telephone surveys held last spring indicate that while overall daily newspaper readership is "down a bit," the daily paper continues as a steady habit for those years or older.

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readership definition: 1. the group of people who regularly read a particular newspaper, magazine, etc.: 2. the number or type of people who regularly read a particular newspaper, magazine, or website.

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Business report readership synonym
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