Biblical argument against polygamy essay

The fact that they have several wives goes unrebuked, and is mentioned more in passing in the Scriptures, narrated with little shock. The Christian Think-tank website further suggests that God speaks of adultery and divorce and seeks to punish those that partake in either.

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But Sarah grew cold and jealous of Hagar and Hagar fled Gen After reading through the verses in Genesis, I believed that it could go either way because silence is not always a good thing when it comes to illegal activity.

But then, what to make of the polygamy of the patriarchs Jacob, Moses, Gideon, David, Solomon, and many others?

There are some husbands who think that the most important person to be asked for permission before doing polygamy is their wife and they also think that they do not need to ask permission to their children because their children will be able to adjust to the situation. Sons of different mothers hating each other, wives playing for favorite, securing secret promises, and conspiring behind the scenes.

But to reluctantly permit, as God does, is not to command or to be pleased.

However, in reality, there are many divorce cases caused by polygamy. Although all three of these questions may seem easy to answer for topics like murder and lying, they are very difficult when it comes to deciphering the polygamy code.

Evaluating Scriptural Arguments of Polygamy

We ought not to be overly simplistic when interpreting these stories, as if to say that polygamy was the only problem, or that these things never happen outside polygamous settings. For example, Abraham is considered a man blessed by God and was one of the few that were ever granted a covenant with the LORD himself.

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Ahab had more than one wife 1 Kings Christian organizations have been debating the topic for many years and sometimes it seems as if it is too little avail. I will make a suitable helpmate for him Gen 2: At the heart of many of the problems was polygamy.

There was never a reunion and both kingdoms were eventually destroyed by surrounding nations. Rachel was stubbornly infertile but finally bore him Joseph and Benjamin.

The list is not short: Either way, their interpretations of the Bible provide all the evidential support used to convey their side of the case. Elkanah is recorded as having two wives, one of which was the godly woman Hannah 1 Samuel 1: Later, when Sarah finally bore Isaac, Sarah concluded that Ishmael was a threat and had to go.

Thesis written in third person Biblical prohibition against polygamy essay: Does God approve of this? Again, nothing but trouble came from this. Abimelech, son of Jerubbaal i. Now all these sons by different mothers created tension.

When his older brother Chileab died, only his half-brother Amnon stood in the way.

But there is also a more subtle and deductive way, in which Scripture teaches more through story than prescription. At a good old age Gideon, son of Joash, died and was buried in the tomb of his father Joash in Ophrah of the Abiezrites.

Rehoboam had eighteen wives and sixty concubines 2 Chronicles The fact is, polygamy leads to serious trouble. She had Abraham drive Hagar away Gen But the biblical stance on polygamy is less clear than it is on homosexual acts which are unequivocally condemned at every historical stage of biblical record.

Biblical prohibition against polygamy essay:Clearly, the Catholic Church does and will oppose such moves based on Natural Law and biblical arguments.

But the biblical stance on polygamy is less clear than it is on homosexual acts (which are unequivocally condemned at. ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY FORMAT When writing an argumentative essay, a student must first choose a topic. The topic must be one that has two sides to it, and ideally, will have supporters for both sides of the topic.

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Biblical prohibition against polygamy essay: Thesis written in third person

The standard argument remains that polygamy subordinates women and fails to treat the latter as equals with men. Some scholars argue that the state should not take interest in voluntary family arrangements (McMahon, ). In Lemu’s essay “In Defense of Polygamy,” she provides the reader with relatable examples and benefits of polygamy from an Islamic point-of-view in order to strengthen her argument.

One way that Lemu gains the sympathy of the reader is by demonstrating a common hardship that many people face around the world, war. The Utilitarian Case Against Group Marriage.

The strongest argument against state-sanctioned group marriage is how poorly it has worked out for women and low-status men in most times and places it has been tried.

Jonathan Rauch puts it succinctly: There's an extensive literature on polygamy.

Biblical argument against polygamy essay
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