A discussion about christianity and islam in the cross questions program

Why has papal infallibility been used so sparingly i. How did religion affect politics, and vice versa, in England during that period? Which movies tend to be more effective at communicating the Christian message: Where did Protestantism plant its strongest roots during the sixteenth century?

Why did the French Revolution take a much bloodier turn than the American Revolution? Which alternate form of Christianity posed the greatest threat to orthodoxy? How effectively do they do so? How do you evaluate the ideas that Christianity should be based on a sense of absolute dependence Schleiermacherreason Hegelor faith Kierkegaard?

What is the difference between veneration and worship of an object? How effective were the various Roman persecutions at limiting the spread and influence of Christianity? Why has Christianity grown more rapidly in places like India and China and less rapidly in Western Asia?

Which theological developments had the greatest long-term significance for the Church? Why did the fighting continue for so long including the Napoleonic Wars?

Why did the popes see changes from monarchies to representative democracies as a threat? What steps were negative? On what was the pervasive optimism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries based? How does the Free Church understanding of the concept of authority compare with that of other Christian faith traditions?

In what ways were the creed, the canon, and apostolic succession effective tools for spreading and enforcing orthodoxy?

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Why or why not? Is the Big Bang compatible with the traditional Christian idea of creatio ex nihilo creation from nothing? How did the Great Persecution affect the Church, both negatively and positively? What is the dominant approach today? Did these events happen as a result of the prevailing Puritanism of the region, or might they have happened just as easily in settings in which the prevailing form of Christianity was different?

Has the support of the state helped or hindered the work of Lutheran and Reformed Churches in those areas where they are still the official state church? How did the French Revolution affect the history of Europe throughout the nineteenth century?

How will the diminishing influence of European Christians over the next several decades affect Christianity, and especially those Churches whose home bases are in Europe, such as Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglicans?times painful questions unaddressed.

“Many Christians wonder if Muslims are saved, or are certain that they are not. ute copies of Christianity and Islam (Christian Reflection) discussion is manageable; (5) participants encourage one another in the authority of scripture and model. Christianity Forums - Ask an expert about christianity.

How can a man know that the god he believes in and worships is the true God? Jan 29,  · Panel discussion from Thursday, January 25 featuring Imam Omar Suleiman, Rabbi David Stern, and Saint Michael Rector Chris Girata. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity -. Questions about Christianity: How is Christianity unique?

How is Christianity different from the other world religions? Muslims' Common Questions About Christianity Is the Gospel a book or four different books? Muslims have the idea that "the Gospel" (Injil) is a book which God has been pleased to send down to Jesus.

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STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to Student What questions about Islam would you really like.

A discussion about christianity and islam in the cross questions program
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